Castle Hayne, NC
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Mass Schedule



Weekend Masses

Saturday's - 5 pm

Sunday's - 9 am




Saturday's - 3:45 pm

Or by appointment





Tuesday's 8:30 am

Thursday's 12 noon

Friday's 8:30 am



Parish Calendar

Parish Staff

Parochial Administrator
Fr. Roger Malonda Nyimi


Jeff Jolly
Heather McLaren

Secretary & Bulletin Editor

Rebecca Clements

Parish Office Hours 

Monday- Friday

8 am - 12 noon

Weekly Bulletins


View our weekly bulletins:







January 21, 2018 

January 14, 2018

January 7, 2018

December 31, 2017



Catholic Connections

Vatican News

Pope Francis


Read about the latest news, information and happenings at the Vatican: 





Visit The Vatican Website

Follow Pope Francis on Twitter

Lumen Fidei - Papal Encyclical

Daily Meditations from The Holy Father