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Our Patron Saint

Our patron, St. Stanislaus Kostka (1550-1568), was a Jesuit novitiate canonized in 1726. He was born in the castle of Rostkovo, Poland, the second son of Margaret Kryska and John Kostka, a senator in the ruling house of Poland.

At fourteen he attended the college of the Jesuits at Vienna with his elder brother Paul. Though Stanislaus was always bright and kind, he was mistreated for two years by his brother. Stanislaus became very ill but, being in the house of a Lutheran, he could not call for a priest. He appealed to his patroness, St. Barbara. She appeared to him with two angels, who gave him the Sacred Host. He was cured by Our Lady herself, who asked him to enter the Society of Jesus. Stanislaus had to flee from Vienna because his father opposed his plans.

At Rome, Stanislaus did humble tasks cheerfully at the Jesuit College where he met St. Peter Canisius. He lived for ten months as a saintly novice. The Rule of his Order was so sacred to him that he carried a copy of it, written in his own hand, over his heart.

A priest said to him, "Stanislaus, you seem to love Our Lady very much." "Yes," he replied, "She is my Mother!" And then he added, "The Mother of God is my Mother."

Stanislaus died as he had prayed to die, on the feast of the Assumption, August 15, 1568, at the age of seventeen. 



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